El Paso, tx.

RightDrive: Alameda Car Dealership

If you are from El Paso, you are probably aware that on Alameda Avenue you can find the largest number of used car dealers in the entire city. From Zaragoza to Paisano, you can find countless used car dealers. So the question is, which one should you choose to buy your car?

RightDrive Growth

RightDrive is an Alameda car dealership that has grown very quickly. The dealership opened its doors in January 2018 and sold 8 vehicles in that first month. In just one year, with impressive growth, by January 2019, we opened a second location to give you easy access from both Alameda ways. We maintained an inventory of approximately 100 vehicles and helped to obtain excellent vehicles for between 70 and 80 customers on a monthly basis. And the growth continues.

Why have we grown so fast?

Because we are a dealership you can trust!

 At RightDrive we have a policy of complete transparency in the purchase and financing process. We only sell cars with clean titles, not salvage cars. We also make sure to only purchase top quality inventory, and take all our vehicles through a rigorous 21 point inspection before they hit out line!

What can you expect at RightDrive? A great deal is what everyone can expect! Thats why we were awarded as top rated dealer in 2019 for Car Gurus. Most our inventory is either great or good deal on Cargurus, cars.com and Truecar. We hope you compare and research our prices against other used car dealerships!

Our goal is for you to be so delighted with your vehicle purchase that you’ll come to see us when you need your next car and will happily recommend us to friends and family. Customer referrals are the ultimate compliment. With many vehicle shopping options available, we differentiate ourselves by understanding our local car-buying community and satisfying its needs; helping valued local customers like you, find the vehicle that’s the “right fit” at the right price.

We love to celebrate with the families of El Paso occasions like Easter, Mother’s Day, among others. We like to do giveaways to our community to thank our great El Paso customers! For Easter, we gave away baskets to all the children of El Paso who showed up to our dealership, and on Mother’s Day, we even presented a car to a mom belonging to the community of El Paso, you can see more at this link. This city has given us a lot, so we will try to return as much as possible.

RightDrive plans to be the next leader in quality used cars. Our mission is to bring a smoother, more transparent car buying experience to every customer, no matter their background or credit score. That´s why if you need a used car, RightDrive is your best option in Alameda and even in El Paso.